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S. A. Nealy
2 min readNov 13, 2020
A perversely counterintuitive leap

Gif, DaisyDisk, ATOM, C#, Medium, Slack, GitHub, Survival, Crash …. WHAT?

Diving head first into the challenge of video game development two and a half days ago, yes days… is a one-hundred eighty degree shift from thirty years in event marketing and management… or so I mused. Yet I leapt, eyes wide open and head first.

One hour after signing on, my inbox was flooded with multi-platform course curriculum in what translated to Greek for me. With head-spinning the plethora of apps downloaded filled the MacBook Pro to capacity. First revelation was discovering an amazing and responsive course community. DaisyDisk was introduced as a remedy-tool to identify content congestion. Digging deeply into this purging process, it dawned on me a few hours in, I was having fun conducting research and a solving problems… a well-honed life skill.

Full emersion is painfully effective in an educational environment, trust yourself to walk toward challenges, this is where confidence is built. Sixty hours later, it is clear I have been handed a platinum key to not only pivot on a pandemic pirouette for future opportunity, but this skill-set will translate to my grandkids whose curious thirst-for-knowledge rarely rests.

These challenges I sought are gifts waiting to be unwrapped. They will only be captured however, by grueling perseverance and unrelenting determination. Programming is said to be about learning a more effective way to problem-solve which are best practiced within a framework. Every hour is packed full with new challenges to identify, research and alas… solve.

Perhaps DaisyDisk can be installed to my gray matter. Day three here I come!



S. A. Nealy

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