Stacking Keys

S. A. Nealy
2 min readDec 3, 2020


onboarding Salesforce!

Every key earned opens another door

The most fascinating people I’ve encountered along this journey called life are obsessed with learning.

Their thirst for understanding across an array of disciplines is insatiable over decades. Most I’ve discovered are rather accomplished in their own right and have no need for higher learning — still yet, they can’t help themselves. Today this thirst is quenched at the keyboard.

Innovations in technology over the last fifty years, flung the door wide open collapsing many barriers to attaining a strong proficiency base. Mastery was once shaped in ivy halls with full-dressed balls; however with the 2020 pandemic, this model is diminishing. Decades ago, the privileged waltzed into lecture halls in tweed suits. After four, often six dedicated years of study and erudition each received a diploma. Most went on to succeed and contribute to society throughout their lives. The diploma spoke volumes.

Today, skills are key to open doors of business opportunity.

One must celebrate the creation of the world-wide web which transformed households across the planet making way for emerging industries and markets to participate in global trade. Now with the barrier to knowledge lifted, each has the opportunity to elevate in commerce and in the marketplace of ideas where solutions to humankinds’ problems are forged.

These past couple weeks of tech internship has provided a place to park my own internal flame as part of a mutually supportive cohort. To get comfortable with being uncomfortable is a familiar pang… stretching the gray-matter. Thank goodness for neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to reorganize and make new connections.

Last night our new Salesforce team convened for a couple hours of on-boarding. About fifteen are working through the introductory course and submitting quizzes. Each is building a project which is an overview of our personal history in Google Earth. Although many Google tools are new, they appear comprehensive in nature and fun to learn.

Trailhead is Salesforce platform for learning. At first glance one can glean the content is designed for actual beginners with tech. Having outsourced my back-end technology needs for years; I’m now excited to have a pathway to learning these vital skills for myself. Did anyone say marketable?

Due to covid, a forward pivot initially appeared bleak. Now, I hold tightly in my hands a new key ready to be cut and shaped specifically to open doors within my wheelhouse. First Trailhead badge earned- yes!

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S. A. Nealy

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