Pandemic Breeds Opportunity …

S. A. Nealy
2 min readNov 12, 2020

Sure, Kelly Clarkson belts it out big but we’re living it out-loud across our Hawaiian archipelago!

Compliments of Covid-19; our island and her inhabitants are discovering one another again as in decades past. Neighbors reach out to kupuna, many new friendships flourish.

The sense-of-place in Hawaii is rooted centuries ago in a framework of Ohana and community wrapped in pono-practices where people of an ahupua’a share resources. Light and airy with hula in their step, taro is pounded, pipipi collected along tide-pools; they build canoes and find shelter side by side. Hardship knows no longevity. The moku is sustained by resources primarily within reach of plenty. Imports hauled on barges were little known.

Industries today have experienced a Covid-collapse in part… birth pangs echo from pali to gulch. Ever increasing in volume and more pronounced we quake but do not wither.

Out of perceived darkness bursts forth new life overflowing with wisdom unearthed by ancient-of-days whispering through the tradewinds a footpath forward. We draw back to propel forward guided by the knowing from those whose hearts are poised to listen. Kumu aʻo akamai speak.

Nimble to pivot after nine-months in lockdown — not seen since the early twentieth-century; the birthing finds its purpose as we emerge to rediscover our authentic roots are alas truly alive with vitality to point the way. Rebirth finds a home in the essence of a community who “each give their best fish” (1)— a practice rooted in stillness — aloha. With the collapse of Hawaii’s main economic engine, a shift in thinking has emerged during this gestation. Former things have passed away parting oceans for a strong culture of sustainability.

One deserving recognition is the vital partnership, so innovative and fast moving, it is poised to enhance the complexion of our state as we diversify, grow and sustain economic development. With massive unemployment, Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii is leading a new initiative to fuel emerging island industries. The need for economic diversity hit residents front and center… but Aloha Connects Innovation rode in on a white horse — thanks to designer Omar Sultan of Sultan Ventures.

As a fortunate recipient of this intern opportunity; I see and feel a deep appreciation by and support for all participants with a deep desire to perform 120%. At the potters wheel we reshape our future honed with new skills to rise, meet demand and thrive. Time is of the essence, our collective drive, palpable. A win for every sector.

Forged by hardship, Hawaii is again leading the nation by directing dollars to fund this highly effective initiative, retraining residents toward self-sufficiency and a future to care for our Ohana. We will again practice that which we know is pono by serving one another for generations to come. Albeit our collective calling over centuries.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”!

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  1. Pono Shim & Ramsay Taum, What is Aloha?



S. A. Nealy

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