Ms. Tera-bytes the Dust!

S. A. Nealy
3 min readNov 15, 2020
Ms. Terabyte exclaims: “Wait-Cursors Do What I Tell Them”

Why is it that when exciting projects open new doors, our favorite tool decides it’s time to clock-out. Comm-on MacBook Pro! … nope, she snorts, resists, drags her Louboutin Heels right into the weekend spinning her notorious rainbow wait-curser in my face… Dang!

Who’s the boss? You got it. So, let’s see what combination of enticements will stop the tantrum.

First step: Click on the Apple icon, to reveal the contents in her closet. Nine hundred pair of gigabyte shoes consumed …burp.

Step Two: Jump on Slack, my fellow interns at GameDevHQ have decades of experience and will offer clues. Game development is about problem-solving and here I am dealing with a petulant fashion glutton in “Tera”. “I’m older and have more insurance” — I’ll get started, she’s no match for me!

Always generous, Troy jumps on my MAC aghast to see MAIL eating up storage capacity; Miss Terabyte undoubtedly on another shopping spree. OK, install DaisyDisk and begin removing “Tera’s” Neiman Marcus receipts. Check! Thank you.

Midnight: One eye open fueled by yet another cup of Joe. Now hundreds of emails have been dumpted one by one. Strangely, storage capacity still sits stubbornly bloated. Hmmm, perhaps she saved the Paris Fashion Show events. Type “webinar” in the search bar. BAM! What is this, a PacMan Convention? — Fat little yellow/orange culprits kicking up a happy tune although just obliterated by the “trash bin” and emptied. How can this be?They’re multiplying!

Now, early Saturday morning, I grab four hours of shut-eye as “Tera” clicks her heels after an all-nighter. Score: one — zero. 👠

Step Three: Wrangle the covers off, stumble to the coffee pot. Fueled for another day to get “Tera” humming … but now I’m on to her ways. She’s a hoarder with secret stashes. It’s just a matter looking under every byte. Think! Yellow/orange unstable files. That’s OUTLOOK! Wait, my mail is in MAC not Outlook. Those little PacMen regurgitated outside their purview. We’ve got a breach onthe front lines.

Back to GameDevHQ on Slack, Team -C. lead man, Jeff is live, YES!

I told him about the PacMan party with Outlook on my hard drive. He located some articles, I too read how MS Office interfaces and I was able to deduce the following: Two of us are sharing the same MS Office Suite. When on Maui he retreives his Outlook email from my MAC. Now because he’s syncing to “all” his devices, mine is in the line of distribution — under my radar, unbeknownst to me. Since I never activated an Outlook account it drops to my hard drive filling valuable storage space.

Four: Saturday night, the diva party is about to end. Watch out “Tera”, here I come armed with knowledge. Put down your champagne glass doll, it’s back to work for you once I disentangle his name in Outlook accounts! 🖱




S. A. Nealy

GameDevHq Intern| Former: Champ Car World Series promoter PDX | Advertising and Event Management. NSDAR Salesforce Intern