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S. A. Nealy
2 min readDec 8, 2020

Hawaii tech

Day Four — Ripping through Salesforce!

Trailhead training — I’m in knee deep and delighted by the content of these modules — soft-skills are as important as hard.

It is refreshing to discover while utilizing an organizations training modules they not only embrace but explicitly instruct around core values. Somehow I perceived these values had disappeared from the business landscape.

In Salesforce, the greatest of these is trust!

Once inside the content, effective leadership and management discussions abound that remind those training to build on a foundation of integrity, inclusivity and client satisfaction… not outdated after-all. Incorporating the values Salesforce emphasizes will drive our personal performance and impact those on our team and around our sphere of influence to produce maximum and effective output.

In all honesty, I started off on the recommended path with what appears to be a plethora of tech modules; however, I veered off in favor of completing those modules with topics in my wheelhouse. Why? To build confidence badges… I know, oh, human nature!

With our State of Hawaii shifting towards taking a deeper dive into tech as a driving industry and with businesses having to adapt to the latest technology to serve their users — Salesforce is the perfect pivot. On Wednesday, our hui adapts to hard-skills — all eager. ##



S. A. Nealy

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