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S. A. Nealy
2 min readNov 26, 2020

Day Eleven

Big Risks, Big Rewards

Unity is a fascinating environment to create in, the concepts are sinking in with repetition and utter persistence. Discovering solidarity with this new language has been a key these past 24 hours. With a natural propensity and thirst for problem solving; Unity delivers in spades. Monotonous busy work simply doesn’t kick the gray-matter into gear. With no programing background it’s as a tsunami of data to capture and organize. Humbling and rhapsodic all in one breath.

Observing Jeff, a key team leader, share screen and trouble shoot for two hours with Ryan, an advanced intern, gave my first glimpse into script building and game development in real time. Listening to their banter.. “what could be wrong here, let’s check this, could it be that” was exciting. I can’t wait to reach this level of skill and spawn a minion or two. As it is, a solid structure is never built on sand, so I continue to construct a firm foundation with brick and mortar. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy… and easy returns little ROI.

Toggling between C# interactive C# tutorial by Microsoft Docs and C# Survival Guide for Unity and Jonathan Weinberger’s 2D Game Development tutorials is increasing confidence in the fundamentals. The combined approaches is a good learning mix for me. Taking a peek into project settings under Unity edit generated more intrigue. As tempting as it is to want to jump ahead, all consulted strongly advise against it as skipping over could create more headaches in the future. Seventeen videos in…

Variables took a bit to grasp until one orator described them as a box with information that can change. Ah ha! A familiar analogy. Variables build the foundation of code due to their data storage capabilities to use now or perhaps later. And…every variable has a name and a data-type: Bool-true or false; Floats-containing decimal values; Integers-whole numbers and String-lines of text. Simple enough.

Since jumping aboard this internship, I’ve been introduced to Slack, a stellar channel based communication platform; set up a Zoom account; tapped Trello; learned how to purge files for storage on MAC; executed DaisyDisk; been given an opportunity to utilize my leadership skills; downloaded Unity Engine and remarkable supporting software and connected with some phenominal interns fired up to forge a path into software engineering. Taking full advantage and thankful for this opportunity to intern.

Stay tuned for Day twelve… Oh, and do enjoy Thanksgiving Day, a parasail sounds just about perfect!




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