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S. A. Nealy
2 min readNov 17, 2020
Fire em up

Who doesn’t love a cognitive adventure, especially when it requires a robust climb into a new exciting journey of game development.

With increased MAC storage, today was a steep uphill hike into Unity 2D basics; exciting forward movement toward my GameDevHq developer certificate. With no background in gaming these world-class teaching videos are designed to make me think and think again to solve and piece together fragments of knowledge. It is grueling as all get out, but oh so rewarding. Every time I crack Google to search terminology, my brain is raising to the occasion.

Learning inside this community of awesome interns whom are live on platform 24/7… well almost, is of tremendous benefit this first week. Each participant is as important as the next, no criticism, no silly questions… even shaming for “too many open tabs” (thank you, Ryan) simply does not take place — relief! The thriving environment is designed first and foremost for learning in Unity but we have fun, build games and collectively strengthen analytic acuity.

Overcoming the burden of building a shape then watching the shape take hold from scene view to game view informed two things. First, the position of your transform matters and secondly, to work with a shape one must SELECT the shape and be cognizant of the main camera. Progress and problem solving!

Embarking upon a challenging activity builds mental capacity and brain function. When we are cognitively fit to solve problems and deal with stress, life is sweet as productivity increases. Like a muscle, the brain will serve us well if we exercise it regularly.

Amidst synapse firing today, its exciting to grasp new concepts. I hear my gray matter humming. More tomorrow!




S. A. Nealy

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