Fostering Intellectual Diversity

S. A. Nealy
2 min readDec 4, 2020


No milihini here…!

Falling in love with a new tool within a new educational environment is nice but not remarkable. However, when the outcome serves to build soft skills too, this is stellar!

Such is the case with a recent dive into Google Earth (GE)!

This bleu spiraling orb had me at “hello”. I’m obsessed by his ability to not only transport me to global destinations, GE is a global educator with out-of-this world knowledge. He climbs mountains, buildings and through ocean gyres in a single bound and is not restricted by speed, distance and time variables s= d/t.

Tutorials are useful to assist beginners to create projects right out of the box; however, advanced tools are available as the user becomes more familiar. Because presentations that combine text with motion graphics are often preferred in an educational setting for their retentive value, I hope to get better acquainted with this gem of a tool.

As one progresses beyond the basics, maps, photos and videos can be added for effective story telling and communication across boundaries to establish mutual understanding and shared language. #hard-skills.

How does this apply to Intellectual Diversity?

Our recent Salesforce assignment asked we use the GE platform to present ourselves to the class. Being our first week learning a new discipline; we are in uncharted intellectual territory working along side people we just met with diverse backgrounds, orientations, still-sets, education et al.. diversity in most every category. Personally, I find differences fascinating and to be embraced and an opportunity to discover shared values or some other commonality to bind us as people.

Last night, cohort members introduced their history, uncovering who they are. Lives are fascinating as they unfold before our eyes incorporating the rotating sphere as earth-home. Some were born continents away but share the military component; others have made a difference working in the non-profit sector; some born on plantations while others raised in big cities. Almost all present, are thankful we live Hawaii.

Being able to work together with differences is a core skill to collaboration requiring intellectual diversity.

Using GE as a tool for introduction was great, but to further discover ties that bind us as individuals, is tremendously gratifying making for a unified and stronger working group. Perhaps beneficial in other contexts too.

As our Salesforce cohort builds towards certification over the next months, we will inevitably grow by collaborating together and among other Salesforce communities. This exercise is establishing us on a strong foundation. ###




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