{Curly Surly Brackets

S. A. Nealy
2 min readNov 28, 2020

//when programmer.finds scripting errors = (apply lokahi);


… 3 hours later!!

Bad tempered, ill-natured little buggers! Perhaps you’ve met them?

They hide under perfectly logical code, and mock with red squiggly lines, indicators of impending doom embedding nasty bugs in my game development.

Initially perceived as a journey in simple discovery, the hunt closes in for the origin of these curly types throwing fits on the console with error codes. They won’t delete, reason escapes them, bully tactics phase them not. “Maturely” in a furry I demand they remove their masks.

Instead… inhale …then ah, exhale.

Recall C# scripting fundamentals. Jonathan explicitely states that the process to discover coding errors is necessary for the developer to become fully engaged and wholly competent in the C# language.

Ah, the sweet lessons of Auntie Pilahi come to mind. A sharpened perspective. Higher Skills Academy instructs us to be “lokahi”, to look for and recognize the connections we have and to find the story which unveils the connection.

Now do I believe Auntie had programming in mind while disseminating these truths fifty years ago? Indeed not. Kapuna wisdom, however, is applicable through the ages whenever we call upon it — we then listen quietly.

Approaching any difficulty with resistance and push back creates a barrier to peace and learning, but to relax enables resolution. Like humans, hidden and missing curly brackets show up as teachers to those willing to hear.

Now, after shifting mind-set I go to work. Unity manual to the rescue, C# Survival guide, and Google advanced search are tools of choice to determine each error message on the console. Once each self-inficted poorly placed curley bracket and semi-colon is determined, it’s a hard fought troubleshooting victory.

Moving chararters along the horizontal and vertical axis within the directive of my //comments is the goal. Open project setting and input manager in the edit tab, back to Virtual Studio to check again for error messages, all good. Back into Unity, time to run the game! Push play, yes! The game object I named, “Player” is bounded by proper scripting verified by the x, y variables on the transform.

Truth: In programming, there is no right and wrong way to accomplish an end, once developers understand the language, we can get creative in solving problems… which is why you’ll see a huddle form around a computer from time to time. We learn from one another as we travel toward a result, a tight, curious and innovative community indeed.




S. A. Nealy

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