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S. A. Nealy
2 min readNov 23, 2020

…getting interesting — VS not happy on MAC

This weekend was set aside to bone up on the basics so to propel progress forward unfortunately did not materialize as planned.

First, I started over due to the above message. In Hierarchy I named the scene: game. The scene-asset in project is named: game. In an attempt to delete those two to address the error, project deleted but Hierarchy did not… As a result, I felt it best to open yet another new project with a new title and begin again. Time is precious but being that it’s the weekend devoted to learning, why not?

The warnings are ominous across the intern world that if a game is built with errors, it will cause distress later on. “Be meticulous and get it right the first time”.

So… fast forward building the components of another game, the double click into Visual Studio for MAC did not deliver optimum results. As you can see below, this Player.cs window does not represent the teaching videos… thus I’ll spend the next little while searching in google, visual studio and our community for guidance. Stay tuned for breakthroughs!

Evening edit: Invested an hour with another intern troubleshooting Visual Studio for MAC.

A) Uninstalled Visual Studio.

B) Tried to reinstall in Unity Hub/installs but it did not attach.

C) Reinstalled Visual Studio from the web

D) opened preferences in Unity to select external tools, found visual studio and checked file extention.

E) Returned to Space Shooter Two game, double clicked on player, scrolled down to Open C# Project … found Visual Studio editor but it appears not to have the attributes in the MAC version.

Interns on @GameDevHq are amazing. It’s 11:00 pm Sunday night. I’ll shut down the computer to allow a reset overnight and go after it again tomorrow Monday. Determined!



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